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About Me

Born in 1960 and brought up and educated in the Waterloo/Crosby and Thornton regions of Merseyside. I joined the Merchant Navy straight from school in 1977 and spent nearly five years going away to sea, thoroughly enjoying myself travelling the world & getting paid for it. I left the sea behind me in 1981.

After a brief spell unemployed I became an Assistant Cook within the Social Services Department of Liverpool City Council, first in the hostels for homeless men & then in the Aged Persons Homes. I worked for LCC for 13 years attaining the position of Head Cook for the last four. In 1989 whilst working in an APH in Kirkdale, Liverpool I met the woman I knew was going to be my wife and we were married in 1991 and now have four children.

In 1997 I left catering behind and became a courier for a mail order company. Self employed I loved this job, but getting mugged two weeks before the Christmas of 1999 made me re-think things and I eventually gave it up after my daughter was born in 2000.

In 2002 I had kidney failure that nearly took my life and was in hospital for over three months. With the support of my family, I've recovered now. I started writing my first book in 2001 and completed most of it while I was in hospital and after a long trawl through various publishers, I found and it was published in 2009 followed by two more in 2010.

In 2013 I wrote and had published an unofficial history of the Shipping Company I used to work for and it reached number 17 in Amazon New Author's Bestsellers List. In 2014 my fifth publication was a collection of short stories as told to me by ex-seamen. I continue to write as a hobby and have published a series of children's books as a joint venture with my daughter Emma.

March 2015 saw a new chapter open in my life in which I have gone for a complete career change. I successfully applied to be a Support Worker for people with learning difficulties. A job that I have come to love and wonder why on earth I didn't do it years ago.

January 2018 I gained a Level 2 diploma in Health and Social Care and completed an apprenticeship in Health and Social Care. I changed company's for a few months but eventually went back to work for the company who gave me that first chance in 2015.