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The Merchant Navy Section

The first book "An Un-Official History of Buries Markes (Ship Management) is an account of the company's rise from humble beginnings to one of the leading Shipping Company's of it's time in the world. The foreword is written by a former Captain of the Buries Markes Chemical Fleet and also has contributions by an ex-Managing Director of the company and many ex-seamen. There is a comprehensive index of almost every ship in the fleet with photographs throughout.

The second book "A Seafarers Guide to Life at Sea: Or How To Deal With a Drunken Sailor" is a collection of short stories by ex-seamen. Stories of derring do's, missing their ship's, burials at sea and descriptions of life at sea throughout the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's; tales from what now seems a bye-gone age.

Buries Markes (Ship Management)

Click on the link above to see my website dedicated to my time with Buries Markes. There is a brief history of the company & a gallery of photos of the fleet together with the history of each vessel that I have researched.